AMT Ventures – Stable Isotopes and Radioisotopes Supplier

A Global Leader in Supplying Stable Isotopes

Since 1989 we are supplying the scientific, medical, research, and the industrial world with top quality stable and selected Isotopes and Radioisotopes, we strive to meet our customer’s needs and product specifications alongside fast and reliable delivery worldwide. All of our material is certified and quality guaranteed. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving our customers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and fast delivery services. We foster long-term relationships built on trust and years of professional experience. 

Years of Experience

AMT has over 30 years of field practice ensuring all our customers’ needs are taken care of. With the help of our team of experts and their wide variety of network and extensive background, we assure to successfully provide for all our customers’ needs of quality isotopes whether for science, medicine, or industry. Our extensive background encompasses all aspects of the business including trading and representing products with distinctiveness leading technology.

How to buy Isotopes?

To get a quote and buy isotopes and radioisotopes please visit AMT Isotopes online shop and place an order.

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