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AMT Ventures is a reliable Isotope supplier and distributor.  


About us:

Since 1989 AMT Ventures have been supplying the scientific, medical, research, and industrial world with top-quality stable and selected Isotopes and Radioisotopes, we strive to meet our customers’ needs and product specifications alongside fast and reliable delivery worldwide. 

All of our material is certified and quality guaranteed. 

How to buy Isotopes and Radioisotopes:

Please follow this link to Isotopes Online Shop and choose Isotope, in the form to the right Choose The Isotope, Chemical Form, Isotopic enrichment (%), Quantity, and Unit of Quantity. 

Please click the Add to Request Button.

Now, you can add more Isotopes to your order. 

Please click Continue to the Final Stage to submit your order. 


We ship Isotopes & Radioisotopes worldwide assuring fast, reliable, and secure delivery. We ship our products with the topmost trusted international shipping companies.
We provide you with an AWB to be able to track the package throughout the transit and delivery time.

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