Carbon (C)

Carbon (C)


Atomic Number: 6

Atomic Weight: 12.0107

Melting Point: 3823 K (3550°C or 6422°F)

Boiling Point: 4098 K (3825°C or 6917°F)

Density: 2.2670 grams per cubic centimeter

Phase at Room Temperature: Solid

Element Classification: Non-metal

Period Number: 2

Group Number: 14

Group Name: none


Carbon isotopes and mainly C-13 is used extensively in many different applications. C-13 is used for instance in organic chemistry research, studies into molecular structures, metabolism, food labeling, air pollution and climate change. C-13 is also used in breath tests to determine the presence of the helicobacter pylori bacteria which causes stomach ulcer. C-13 can also be used for the production of the radioisotope N-13 which is a PET isotope. The C-12 atom has been given the atomic weight of exactly 12.000000000 and is used as the basis upon which the atomic weight of other isotopes is determined.

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